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Jenniffer ClarOscura | Woman in Black: Secret Interdimensional Rebels
Jenniffer ClarOscura

Woman in Black: Secret Interdimensional Rebels

admin September 9, 2015 Astral Projection, Dreams Comments Off on Woman in Black: Secret Interdimensional Rebels
Woman in Black: Secret Interdimensional Rebels

In between astral and dream-scapes, I have encountered many magnificent beings. Whenever I meet someone that is a conscious interdimensional traveler, I become extra-lucid within the experience. Sometimes the consciousness we find ourselves in, doesn’t allow us to remember the journeys we are on in other dimensions.

Every once in a while I am startled awake by one these conscious travelers.

In this particular experience, I was not even ‘there’ until I sensed the presence of a woman who was coming into view from afar. She began to draw my ‘attention’. This resulted in me becoming conscious of where I was and what I was doing. I suddenly found I was in between dimensions, in a hurry. It was like an open market sort of atmosphere. A highway of ‘people’ walking back and forth in swarms. I noticed there was an urgency in my step as if I had to get in and get out as quick as possible, sensing that I was probably trying to stay under the radar when suddenly this woman entered my visual field.

I found it intriguing how I had only just gained awareness due to this woman’s presence.

She was young, slim, had short-ish hair and was dressed in a black fitted suit. Her eyes met mine and she began to smile. Her eyes were sparkling with what looked like playful mischief. She seemed really excited to have caught my attention. She stopped right in front of me at an angle and said, “I know you.” This caught me by surprise, she did seem familiar but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I could not speak, I just listened. She continued, “You were assigned to me at some point, I had to investigate you.” Her smile turned into a half cocky grin. She winked at me and quickly sped away.

That wink was a telepathic ripple that got sent into my energy-memory field.

I smiled because I knew at that moment what she meant and I felt really good because we have good people that have infiltrated the ‘system’, but are on our side. Yes, there are sides. Many of us in the public eye speaking about consciousness, or many of us that do a lot of interdimensional underground work, get investigated to see if we are harmless or too influential. I was assigned to her at some point and she did me a favor. She let me slide by when she probably should have reported me instead.

These are the secret rebels that allow many of us to continue doing the work.

To the Woman in Black,

Thank you, *wink*

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