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Jenniffer ClarOscura | The Dream Shifts with YOU …and so do Aliens
Jenniffer ClarOscura

The Dream Shifts with YOU …and so do Aliens

The Dream Shifts with YOU …and so do Aliens

I often travel to Peru because my family lives there. My dreams in Peru are always quite “electric”… flashing flickering lights and images with quickly fleeting scenes. My psychic sister describes her psychic visions to be this way as well. The cool part is that this “electric” quality to my dreams has continued here in the U.S., usually it doesn’t.

I no longer have dreams with a long storyline. Actually this hasn’t happened in a long time since I had a baby last year and the baby still wakes up various times throughout the night. Thankfully, the dream has adjusted itself to suit my new schedule. I used to complain that I only had snippets due to this but once I was done complaining I was able to see how the dream has adjusted itself and I now welcome the messages in their new form. Piecing those electric snippets throughout the night allows me to notice the underlined story that is ongoing, evolving and bridging into my daily waking life. My baby has changed my dreaming in more ways than one, we are connected telepathically. We are sharing the dreamspace and for this new human on Earth, his dreams might be made up of lights and flashes. This could also be contributing to the nature of how my dream “looks” lately.

Aliens also shift with YOU

I don’t talk too much about this part of my life. Only with really close friends and family. The reason being, UFO communities are usually coming from a victim mentality. It is like a circus of misinformation and anger toward the “government” secrets which I would rather not tune into, as I am trying to create a different type of reality. It just never appealed to me to get thrown into that basket along with the rest of the UFO communities but today I realize that if I don’t stand up and begin expressing my unique experiences, then I won’t be contributing to the growth of the new alien connection. The fear based alien experience will continue to dominate unless we step up and give it a new face, a new vibration. Those experiences that many deem terrible, will begin to shift, as their consciousness shifts.

And speaking of new faces, while in Peru I had an astral/dream that solidified this feeling for me: “A UFO that was square-ish with rounded corners was hovering outside the building (we were on 8th floor) and before the military and helicopters could interfere, the silver craft, which was made to fit one person, turned transparent in the night sky and I could see the amazing being inside of it. An alien like I had never seen before. “He” had a warm glow to him, no hair but not a big head like greys, more of a normal head size and regular sized eyes. The whole eye was dark, which was not very human-like. His nose was thin and elongated. I remember thinking it was the most beautiful alien I had ever seen.

I realized it was beautiful because it was in its true form.

Love began to emanate from the alien and myself. I put my hands on the window and connected with this radiant being from another time/world. So much love, as if we knew one another and yet for the first time/contact.

This shift happened because I have been on an unstoppable journey to navigate my whole existence from the true me. It has been a heart opening experience and the more my heart opens, the more the unknown mirrors that back at me. Everything is me. Once you get rid of the fear based alien perceptions, you are left with the unconditional love that comes with living from the Heart. It is amazing how the world around can shift in this way. You meet your match. Now, I am not saying I am completely fear free, when it comes to the unknown, there is a quite a bit of fear involved. What makes a difference is that as fear comes, I work and communicate with it. I face it and move forward with my highest self and heart, leading the way. The true leader does not chop off “unwanted” parts, but rather transforms it with love and understanding. The work is not the easiest work, but it is the only way to move forward and keep evolving.

I see no other way than to love, integrate and transcend.

– Jenniffer ClarOscura

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