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Jenniffer ClarOscura | MISSION
Jenniffer ClarOscura


Become a Dream Pioneer

Begin to bridge the gap between your conscious, subconscious, and superconscious awareness. Explore your multidimensional self. By developing an intuitive dialogue with your dreamer, you will project this shift onto your waking reality because they are connected. Synchronicity will begin to flow like never before just by becoming conscious of your dreams and the symbology that lies all around. Remove labels and open up to the dream flow in order to dissolve the illusion of this solid waking state you call physical reality. Discover the Magic and begin to create.

Awaken The Ancient Dreamer

Every night we fall into a foreign land. The dreamer awakens and is plunged into the freedom of this abstract world. A place that transcends time and pays no attention to the laws of nature. It is fluid and everchanging until we fall back into what be believe is the waking reality. All that is left are slowly fading images of the night’s journey. However, both the dreamer and the waking self share the same dilemma. The dreamer forgets the waking reality or distorts it profusely and the waking self forgets the dreamer as it becomes distant and unimportant throughout the day. And then nighttime comes again and the whole ritual repeats itself and once more we stumble through both worlds unconsciously. What we don’t realize about both realities is that they are both creations of the Ancient Dreamer and this Ancient Wisdom lies within all of us. It is our true nature that has been buried and forgotten through eons of distorted history. There is more to the mystery of dreams than a nighttime occurence of the mind. It is about rediscovering the sacred language of dreams and building a bridge between our dream persona and our waking life persona.

Plunge into The Next Level of Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming runs through the memory banks of your soul. It is a symbol of your creative powers. To become awake in a dream is equivalent to becoming awake here. In the lucidity of consciousness every fragment will be powerful and essential toward moving forward as a collective. The reason why dreaming and community rests in your hands is for you as an individual to open up to your creative powers. Dreaming is a conduit for all creative forces to run through. Every individual has their own creative dream space. By aligning your waking reality to your dream you will be aligning to the real present moment.

Activate Your Astral Body

Every experience beyond the physical body is unique. The way one can maneuver in the energy planes and realms changes according to the shifting states of consciousness. Categories and most commonly known out of body experiences are only mentioned here as a point of reference. In my opinion, it is all a vast & blended spectrum of energy bodies transitioning from one into the other. Explore the possibilities.

Shift into Galactic Awareness

We are the ones that have to create the next level of awareness for humanity. Exploring the outside realm is equal to exploring your own inner worlds. As a mirror, the fact that we seem to be alone in the Universe, means we are out of touch with ourselves. People already expected flying cars & commercial flights into outer space by now. Where did we go wrong? Why aren’t those things available to us? People like to blame the invisible MAN behind the curtain that is keeping us blind from the truth. Guess what? Nobody can hide your truth from you. There is a depth of being where you hold the answers, a place where you are the key. So what is the next step for creation? We have to step up to the plate. How deep are you willing to go knowing that this will affect your external world? How much of your unconscious are you ready to surface right now? We sit and wait for the truth to be revealed to us by others. Are you waiting for your turn? Don’t wait, create!